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Finishing A Language

Hi! I was wondering if you have to take a test (reviewing everything you've learned) when you finish all the lessons in a language. Thanks!

~ Annabella

October 27, 2017



No, but that would be interesting to have as a non-required feature. ^ ^


No. It’s actually pretty anticlimactic. I finished my German tree recently. I just finished the final task and then nothing. It didn’t even tell me I had finished, a little golden owl just appeared at the bottom of the tree with no explanation.


Actually, if you click on the owl, a message shows up!


It isn’t working for me. I guess it doesn’t work on mobile.


Duolingo doesn't teach you a language to the point you're fluent. After you finish a tree, you find other ways of continuing to learn. You continue by reading books, meeting native speakers, watching movies or TV, reading web sites, etc.


There was the fast quiz but they delete it


Nope, all you get is a picture of an owl trophy with a banner of the language you finished. All you do with your tree after are strengthen your skills my re-doing lessons over and over until you get to level 25..... And you keep doing it over and over still. Usually when you end your tree, you're only level 8 or 9.

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