"Mami, podívejme se na to ještě jednou spolu."

Translation:Mom, let's have a look at it one more time together.

October 27, 2017

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Mom, let's see it one more time together - is it wrong?


"Vidět" is more "to see" and "dívat se" more "to look at," podle mého...


once more is a good equivalent to one more time, isn't it?


I don't see the difference between "let's look at it" and "let's have a look at it" -- they would both be "podívejme se na to", že?


mom, let's look at it again together. seems better to me. like ordering another beer. let's do it again together...


"Mum, let's have another look at it together". - why doesn't this answer work? I would think it is also correct?


In terms of essential meaning, your suggested sentence is fine in English, but it may not be sufficiently close to the Czech original to be an acceptable alternative translation. Let's see what the CZ natives on the team think.


"podívejme se na to" can be translated as "let's watch it"? Or "to watch" (a movie) is just "divat se"?


As I understand it, podívat se means something like "to have a look." This site (https://glosbe.com/cs/en/pod%C3%ADvat%20se) gives some additional translations, but they do not include "to watch." Similar options are provided if you search for podívat se at http://slovnik.cz/.


I see. Thank you for your answer and links.

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