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What is your passion for learning a new language?

I enjoy learning french because of how much fun it is to speak and how beautiful it flows together and of course the french culture! In 6th grade it’s required to take exploratory French. After that class I developed a love for Paris and when got recommended for languages I decided to take french 1. My teacher was the nicest she helped me with homework my pronounciation, and strengthening my weaknesses in french writing. She also taught me french in 8th grade. I actually became her favorite student because of my accent and passion for French. One day around the end of the year one of my friends asked what language I’m gonna do next year and I said maybe french but was also considering Spanish. My french teacher was writing something on the board and heard what I said and she yelled at me saying YOUR NOT DOING SPANISH YOURE DOING FRENCH 2 HONORS NEXT YEAR!!! I was shocked she never yelled at me even when I spoke in English during class which wasn’t allowed in class. After class I asked her what that was all about, she said that Ihave to do french because i have a passion for it and love it and I’m also talented at it. Honestly even though I always deny it she’s right I have always had a love in French and I am pretty good at it. I have always been slightly ahead of my classmates because of Duolingo. After all that I promised my French teacher that I’m going to go up to AP French 5. Now I’m a freshman doing French 2 honors it’s very easy and I’m surrounded by people who are truly passionate about the language. I love french now because of the culture food and mainly learning the language after all these years of having french in my life it makes me want to learn even more! What about you?

October 27, 2017



In sixth grade, I had to take a course which taught a bit of Spanish, French, and German to help decide which mandatory language you would take in seventh grade. I chose German, because I felt I was the best at that out of the three, and I have a bit of German heritage.

In seventh, I began using Duolingo for HW, but when some students figured out how to hack it, it was canceled, except for responsible students who then got extra credit for it. I kept using Duolingo just for German for a while, and it kept my grade at a sold 100% for all of 7th, and that grade continued into 8th (except for a 99% on the final, but close enough!)

In eight grade, however, I began to branch out from German, first learning either Esperanto or Welsh, I can't remember which. I began Welsh because of an amazing book which included two siblings who knew Welsh and spoke a couple phrases here and there throughout the book. I began Esperanto because it sounded pretty heckin' cool.

From there I really branched out to a ton of different languages for a ton of different reasons, everywhere from "Hey I'm a PJ nerd, so let's try Greek" to "Hey the Swahili flag looks really cool". These sometimes stupid, sometimes valid reasons have pushed me to be such a language nerd.

And now, in my freshman year of high school, I can probably boast that I am pretty darn good at learning languages, and I hope to continue this for the rest of my life, and to maybe get a job related to languages (Or working for Duolingo!)

Thanks for reading this mess of a comment, and remember, I'm just a freshman, and I can do this, so you can too!


From there I really branched out to a ton of different languages for a ton of different reasons, everywhere from "Hey I'm a PJ nerd, so let's try Greek" to "Hey the Swahili flag looks really cool". These sometimes stupid, sometimes valid reasons have pushed me to be such a language nerd.

You have no idea just how much I identify with this right here.


Wow thats so inspirational. I have always had an A in French as well since 7th grade. On my French final in 7th I got a 93% in 8th I still maintained my A steak even though 8th grade french was really hard my average ended up being a 95% and got a 90% on my final. First quarter for high school is almost over and I have a 100% in French 2 Honors because I wanted to improve from an A to an A+ it’s working so far I also really want to increase my confidence even though I have talent in languages/French(I’m trilingual) I still have lack of confidence in French


I can relate (somewhat) to your story. In sixth grade, I took exploratory French, Spanish and Italian. I enjoyed French the most (though my pronunciation was probably the worst in that language). Later, I learned that space in the French class was limited, so I enrolled early into the course. That summer, I really began working hard at learning French. Eventually, I picked up a French accent (which is surprising considering I'm of Chinese-Malaysian descent), and got really into French. It was during this time that I discovered Duolingo, and since then, I've been improving my French accent and my command of the French language. Before I entered high school, I thought of my classmates taking Italian and Spanish and I decided to take a shot at them, since they were all Latin-based languages. Later, I decided to try German and Dutch, just so I could get a feel for those languages. I've loved them all, and each one helps me to build on the others with same roots. Last summer, just for fun, I decided to learn the fictional language of High Valyrian, having followed the series with my family.

I commend you on your progress in French and I hope you never lose your passion in that language. Bonne Chance!

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Wow thats so cool:) Bonne chance pour toi aussi! Languages are just so much fun to learn! My new French teacher complimented me on my enthusiasm in French the other day. I just can’t help it! Good job on your accent by the way:)


Summary/tl;dr at the bottom.***

Your profile picture is beautiful.

Let's see... I gained an interest in Japanese when I was 10 years old and I saw Japanese architecture, clothing, food, ikebana, origami, festivals, reading folk lore.... and NOT anime or manga. I tried to learn online, but back in those days, I had a hard time doing it on my own. I won't say where I live, but I live in a state where Asian languages are valuable for career/job reasons. When I was 15 or 16, I started learning it on my own from a Teach Yourself book and used it and other websites a bit, and when I was 17 I tested out of first year Japanese classes at the university I went to, and ended up in second year classes as a 17 year old with much older students.

It took me two years to complete a Japanese minor program there instead of the usual 3.5-4 years because I also crammed a few independent studies in there for credits. Afterward, I was on my own with Japanese again, and there were times I felt like giving up and didn't study for long periods of time or tried other languages, but I know I can't give up after all I'd done with it. I also had the most supportive professor who helped me get into the higher level classes and provided resources for me, like letting me borrow her text books so I didn't have to buy them.

I don't go to that school anymore because just having a minor in Japanese isn't enough and the major programs won't do it for me, I'm seeking either a full Japanese major program at another school or a proper East Asian studies major. After that... I don't know what to do. I plan to figure out a career that I can apply the degree while in school by making connections with people I meet there, or settle in a job that requires "a degree in any major."

***tl;dr: Japanese is good for job opportunities here, I love a lot of aspects of Japan, and I have studied it for many years, both independently and in a formal university setting. I just finished the Japanese tree on here a few minutes ago.


WOW that’s really cool that you’re learning Japanese I’m juts doing it for fun on duolingo:)


I had a teacher like that, but it rubbed me the wrong way. Who is that teacher to tell me what to do? I continued French, but I took Spanish also.


And look where you are now, learning 25+ languages.


Nicee! When I have some space I might do Spanish as well but French is always top priority


Hey I rock with you for real because i can relate but Actually when i was younger i use to hate french with a passion because some of my family could speak it not to mention the kids at my elementary school who got put in french class as it was required in Louisiana. Completely separate from a regular class might i add But fast forward in life i began to like it more and more then the rest is history. Keep in contact with me though because you seem interesting and I'm not on duolingo like i use to be when i started. Bon chance


Oui bonne chance pour vous aussi:)

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