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"Er wird das Kennwort gut sichern."

March 14, 2013



Does this mean something like "He will make a good password."?


ähm.. I am not exactly sure either... maybe he is just making sure nobody else can get to it or easily guess it. ;)

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@rkaup : It's more like Germandy says, that is someone will hide (for example) the password really well.

[deactivated user]

    Just adding...It does not mean to make up a safe password which is not easy to guess. In this case the password is already existent and needs to be protected from others.

    It means here:

    to secure, to safeguard, to safely stow away, to protect,

    (from other's eyes, ears, electronic access)

    but when it comes to electronic access it can mean, don't leave the password on the same computer, put it in a hidden/encrypted folder, secret stash etc. :-)

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