"Які зірки ти знаєш?"

Translation:What stars do you know?

October 27, 2017

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As in English, does the Ukrainian word "зірки" refer to the celestial bodies as well as celebrities?


That's true! However, if you want to ask "Which stars do you know" (as in "movie stars") you'd say "Яких зірок ти знаєш?"


Hmm, I don’t understand why the endings would change. Would you mind explaining?


які зірки is a Nominative case, яких зірок is a Genitive case.

I'm not entirely sure why it feels right to use genitive talking about celebrities, but I think we use it every time talking about animate objects.

Яких котів ти знаєш?

Яких лікарів ти знаєш?


Які машини ти знаєш?

Які мови ти знаєш?

If I find a rule I'll link it here, can't think of one now.

[deactivated user]

    Masculine nouns in the accusative.

    Animate nouns have the same ending as the genitive.

    Inanimate nouns have the same form as the nominative.

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