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1 Year Streak!

Hi All,

Today I finished my 1st year streak. This is my 3rd milestone in using Duolingo. My 1st and 2nd milestones were finishing the Spanish and Italian trees. I started using DL back in March 2016 but I was not using DL everyday back then. I decided to use it everyday after I read so many inspiring stories on DL Discussion page about people who were using DL on daily basis no mater how old or how busy they were and how this helped them enhance their language. It really gave me the courage to fulfil my dream of traveling to Europe and practice the languages I learned here. I went to Spain and Italy and had chats with the native speakers; the taxi driver who picked me up from the airport in Barcelona, the receptionist in the hotel I was staying in, the man I stopped in the street in Madrid asking for directions. I was using DL even during my travels (I finished the Italian tree while on vacation in Venice, Italy). I used the streak freeze few times but not very often. I really would like to give a BIG THANK YOU! to the team of DL admins, guys without you this would have not been possible, please keep doing what you are doing and finally I hope my story would inspire people to learn more languages and pursue their dreams.

Best Regards, Abdul

October 28, 2017



Congrats on keeping such a long streak, AR_Elsherbiny!

Good luck toward the future!;D

[deactivated user]

    Congrats! Good job! (◕‿◕)


    WOW so many languages :D


    congrats! you should be so proud!!!!!!!


    I am, and you are almost there :D


    Hi Abdul,


    I can not find you on http://www.duolingo.eu list!
    Have you already signed up for SHOF?
    Spanish: Maybe you should go kitesurfing in Columbia or Peru? :-)
    See their wind statistics on www.bstoked.net, especially for the "winter" season (too cold, to much rain in European/German winters!)
    Q1: How fast did you finish your first two trees?
    Q2: What are you next plans? Reverse tree Spanish-English/Spanish-German or Italian-English for writing (higher ratio)?

    Q3: How are you going to practice listening and speaking to push yourself into the upper-intermediate level?

    Try http://www.hellolingo.com for chatting or voice talking (first you can chat and then ask for a voice chat).

    Personally I am just one single lesson away (last Political skill) from the end in my Portuguese tree....

    But I am thinking I am going to try to re-strengthen some of the previous skills (especially grammar a 2nd/3rd time) the next 15 days and first move to level 17 before I will finally complete my tree.

    BTW: Are you already using Camilo's "DuoLingo tree enhancer" user script to activate (L2 target language Spanish, Italian) TTS audio on answers/multiple-choice?


    Kitesurfing, mmm.... sounds interesting :D

    I finished the Spanish tree in less than 1 year (I don't remember how many months exactly now) and even less for the Italian tree (maybe 5 - 6 months).

    My next plan is to learn more languages, haven't decided which ones yet, but probably I will focus more on the German and Turkish.

    I have already started practicing listening skills long time ago through Spanish movies on YouTube and Spanishpod 101 / Italianpod 101 videos on YouTube also. They have all the levels starting from absolute beginner till advanced.

    P.S: Thank you for the tip re the SHoF, I have already requested to be added but didn't receive a reply yet.

    I hope I didn't miss any of your questions :D , Now I have a question for you: what is Duolingo Tree Enhancer and how to get it?


    Thank you for the tip re the SHoF, I have already requested to be added but didn't receive a reply yet.


    You won't receive a reply. It is a script which auto scans this sign-up thread for new user comments and their streak / language data.


    Now I have a question for you: What is Duolingo Tree Enhancer and how to get it?



    Congrats on your first year !!


    Congratulations on accomplishing your 3rd milestone, Abdul! That's great you got to practice what you learned with native speakers. I personally did that and I know it can be tough! I wish you the best in your future goals! :-)


    Thanks NtateNarin, appreciate it coming from someone with almost 3 years streak :D


    Wow, that is some awesome dedication. Keep it up! Any other European countries you plan on visiting?


    Not for now. I want to further enhance my spanish conversation skills so I would probably travel to a spanish speaking country.. maybe Mexico or Peru.


    Felicidades, eres una fuente de inspiración para perseguir mis sueños, gracias por tu post, sigue adelante!


    Gracias Jeff y buena suerte :-)


    Congrats. I am on a 20 day streak so a lot of work to do! Learning mostly Italian and like it a lot but I am young so I can’t travel except with my parents. But good work!


    Italian is very nice, the language of vowels and one of the main 5 romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, and Portuguese). If you plan to learn Spanish after you will find it a lot easier having so much in common with Italian. All the best to you Daniel and I hope you travel to the countries of your dreams as well one day.


    Congratulations :)


    Thanks Dilys, I can see that you too are doing a good job with the streak, keep going


    Congratulations on the one-year mark as well as your other milestones. :)


    Thanks Buck, you are almost there too :)


    Congratulations!!! Wonderful story.

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