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Fill In The Blank Bug

There is a bug with the fill in the blank multiple choice questions. The blank is appearing at the far right right of the sentence like this:

אני אוכל אפרסק___

[Multiple choice is located below to attach the adjective after the word Apharsek, like טעים]

It should look like:

__אני אוכל אפרסק

Because the adjective goes in this position.

This started at least 3 weeks ago because that is the first comment I could find that talks about this. I am reporting it and wondering what can be done about this.

I have a screenshot but am not sure how to post it, but its pretty straightforward and I don't think its really needed.

***EDIT: It is even buggier because when I typed it in the text box to format how it looks wrong in the exercises, the blank switched sides after posting. In other words, how it appears after I type it is the opposite of before. Right to left language can have this kind of buggy formatting some time when in spaces close to english.

October 28, 2017



This sounds like a problem with the recent change to the lesson design. As Hebrew is the only right-to-left language on Duolingo, it's possible that it didn't occur to the designers to ensure the blank follows the direction of writing. I suggest that you report it directly as a bug, as staff might not frequent this forum.


Thanks. That is helpful. I have submitted the report.


Thanks Enzo. We will use UserVoice to raise this issue. As garpike mentioned, it is probably concerning all RTL languages.


Happy to help. I am surprised it wasn't reported until now.


The question marks or exclamation marks are sometimes on the wrong side too.


This is insane. It's a year later since you posted and it's still not fixed. I didn't start getting the fill in the blanks until a few weeks ago, but a third of the sentences are now fill in the blanks - in reversed word order and aligned from the right.


Actually, I just realised it's worse than it was a year ago. It now looks like this: A file has been shared using Samsung Link Sharing. https://s.amsu.ng/oTKzYzJHpoUN (Expires: Sep 17, 2019)

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