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How do you stay focused on a language?

This may sound like a stupid question, but I have major problems with this. I am trying to focus on Spanish and Russian and have made great progress in Spanish, but I can't seem to progress far in Russian. One of my biggest problems is that I get distracted and want to learn another language like Turkish, Italian, German, etc. So I was wondering, how do you stay focused on your target language and not get distracted by all the other languages?

October 28, 2017



It should be extremely rare for anyone to have a genuine need for more than 2 or 3 languages. So learning more than that should be just self-actualization. We need to ask ourselves how good we want to be for a particular language, and then it will drive our motivation. I recently started Korean, but I have already foreseen that I would stop somewhere (probably when it is enough for asking direction and not having to always order bibimbap). However, I have never felt having learned enough Japanese and this will keep me learning it forever.


Well, simply because you elect to learn a new language doesn't mean you have to loose focus on the previous one. If you really want to learn it, I suggest thinking about your plan for how you are going to do it.


Sure takes a lot of time to do every language every day


I had that problem for a long time. You should learn a little bit of the languages that are distracting you to satisfy your curiosity. Even if it slows you down at first when you do this, it'll be better in the long run so you don't always have the languages hanging over your head. Once a language gets less mysterious to you, it's less exciting, in my experience. It has always been hard to focus on Japanese when I know I want to learn Korean and possibly Mandarin. Don't try to use Duolingo to try to learn bits of others, but look up certain grammar aspects to read as an overview instead, until you seriously learn them.

Whatever languages you learn at once, make sure you study them every day, not alternate weeks or days.


which language do you enjoy which one are you most interested and passionate about for me it’s french which is why I do it at school and duolingo. Spanish and Japanese is if I have some free time/ just for fun but french is top priority. I really want to major in french hopefully


I start each day keeping each language up-to-date. After that I work on my lowest level language for a week, changing that after each weekend. If I don't have much time, I just keep them up-to-date as much as possible, but all extra time each week focuses on one language.


Focus on one language for now. I speak Russian so maybe I can kind of help you.

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