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Watching movies with French audio or subtitles

I like to set my movies for either French audio or French subtitles. Even when they are speaking too fast for me to follow it, it still pleases me when I can understand any of the words.

If anyone else does this, do you have any suggestions for movies that might be good to watch? I rent mine in Netflix or from the I-tune store.

October 28, 2017



I tend to watch the French audio with English subtitles. It helps to hear how the language is actually spoken colloquially more or less. It might sound silly, but Disney movies are great for watching in French, because a lot of them are dubbed, and they don't use incredibly difficult words. I actually really enjoy watching Frozen in French lol. I can understand maybe 1/3 of it word for word, and with English subs I can pick up even more words because it helps me pick out words I already know when otherwise I might not be able to hear it or recognize it.


Salut MaryMary302437: Try Youtube.com, search "French subtitles" and "Learning French Conversation." The best one is "Easy French"...the subtitles are French and English, and the speaker will slow down and repeat over and over. There are like 60 videos, and he talks to people in French speaking countries about everyday life,i.e., what are you studying?...what are you having for dinner tonight?...Do you have pets? What are their names?...what is your occupation? Why did you choose it?" Hopes this helps!


I watch movies that I have already watched in my native language, so I don't have to focus on the story but on the text.


I watched several films by Jean-Luc Godard when I first started learning French. The first film I saw was Une Femme est Une Femme.

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