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"Laver and rice"

Translation:김과 밥

October 28, 2017



I've never known anyone to refer to 김 in the USA as 'Laver.' Everyone I know calls it seaweed - regardless of the state it's in. How about internationally? Do you guys call it laver?


I have never heard of the word "Laver" before. But thank you for clarifying this is actually "seaweed".


In Korea the packaged sheets of it sold in stores are labeled as laver. But if you talk to Koreans who can speak english, they seem to know to call it seaweed.


same I only know it as "seaweed" :/


Laver is a welsh term; not often used in the UK, though


I know what seaweed is but i've never heard laver


The only time I've heard seaweed referred to as "laver" was when my korean friend was talking about dried sheets of the stuff that is used to roll kimbap.


Nope, never heard that in my life and I'm from Jamaica. Thanks for clearing it up btw

[deactivated user]

    Never heard of 'laver' in my life and I'm 27/british


    laver is just 1 kind of seaweed, called nori in japan used to make sushi. But there're many different kinds of seaweed: like kelp (kombu in Japanese), arame, wakame , hijiki, Irish moss, dulse, etc etc


    I would call ot naori before I called it laver. Never heard that word in my life. I thought they just messed up on "liver".

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