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Linked language learning

At the moment I am learning Norwegian (bokmål) from English here on Duolingo. Eventually, I plan to start another language, not sure which just yet.

What would be great is to learn the next language via Norwegian; so I translate either from or to Norwegian into Spanish, for example. I am curious as to whether this can be achieved on Duolingo? This would be a great way to learn another language and to strengthen Norwegian (in my case) at the same time.

As a lot of the courses are from English there must be words, phrases and sentences in each language that have the same English translation. Can the Duo algorithm match these elements together to allow the type of linked language learning I am asking about? If not, I think it would be a fantastic addition; one that many would take advantage of.

October 28, 2017



A separate course (Spanish for Norwegian) would have to be made, and that's most likely not on their priority list right now.


But you can get it on their priority list.


It'd take a lot of effort, but it's possible.


Only some laddering possibilities are available on Duolingo.

I am laddering: Spanish -> German -> French -> Portuguese -> Italian

Well this is plan anyway :-/

For other possibilities, it is worth checking out Memrise:

https://www.memrise.com/course/1098264/spansk-1/ (first of seven parts, European Spanish for Norwegian speakers, also note it might be best done on mobile)


What OmegaGmaster says is correct. I started using Duolingo laddering, doing French from Spanish then Portuguese from Spanish although my first language is English. And having completed the Portuguese tree and the reverse tree, I am doing French from Portuguese which is a challenge and I think a very smart learning style. I think your idea is good, you just happened to learn a language you can't link up.

When I was learning Arabic, I did a lot of it from Spanish because I found some grammar similarities, I knew Spanish grammar better, going through a foreign language was like a shortcut for me talking because I could use the skills I had already developed, and I maintaned my Spanish too. Cool idea, I do it too, but not possible from Norwegian at this point in time via Duolingo.

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