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Chichewa (Chinyanja)--Let's add it!

Chichewa is the official language of the country of Malawi, located in Southeastern Africa, and it is spoken by significant portions of the population in both Mozambique and Zambia (where it is known as Chinyanja). There are likely over 20 million speakers of the language and it is very useful to know when traveling or living in Southeastern Africa.

October 28, 2017



I've added it.

I will sure be happy when communication tools are available and folks actually can contact each other for things like this!


Just curious, is there a Discord channel for moderators? If not there should be one where mods can communicate with one another (privately and away from the eyes of regular members) and members can ask the mods questions such as adding languages to the language suggestion list.


Support! Until it's added, you can learn Chichewa through uTalk.


Yes! I want to learn Chichewa!


I would love to learn Chichewa!


I have been learning Chichewa with a trainer for a year. Like many others, she is practically unemployed at the moment due to foreigners leaving because of Corona. With a typical salary of USD 100 a month for a qualified Chichewa teacher, I was wondering whether one could pursue Duolingo to add the language, if we promisse to sponsor a full-time professional or two (which I am very willing to do) for a month or two, with the hope that a sponsor will pick up with something to show... ?


Please add Chichewa!


I would love to learn chichewa I was intrigued by it from day one I found out about it❤️

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