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Study in different original language?

Hi I am Spanish and I am studying french. Right now I am able because I can speak english quite well... but I keep making mistakes because English is not my mother tongue... probably it is great since I can practice both languages at the same time...

but my question is: are you going to implement the posibility of studying all the languages available in different languages? Ex: study french from Spanish or Italian? Thanks

Anyway the site is amazing!!! Thank you soooooooo very much!!!

March 14, 2013



I think they should add more languages, such as Latin or Greek.


Duo makes money by selling translations of internet articles. Do you think there is demand for Latina and Greek translations of the articles you have seen on Duo?


u r right that would b a really cool thing 2 do


Love the idea. Spanish -- Port & Spanish ---Italian. Yeah!


The more languages they add, the better it would be. Duo is a great platform, therefore other languages could be integrated as well.


I'm in the same boat, Spanish is my first language , I'm here to learn German and it's great as I can translate German to English easily, but trying to learn French when one's first language is Spanish is too difficult! as sometimes French is so similar to Spanish it's stupid to have to try to think in English.. so, I also would absolutely love to learn French from the Spanish point of view. :)


hi i dont know you

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