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Unnatural multiple choice numbering


I really like the new design of the practice sessions, it really makes full use of my laptop screen!

I like to play a quick Duo session so I use the keyboard shortcuts a lot. However, the numbering of the multiple choice questions is unnatural to me (and I've mistyped a couple of times, hihi). I think it should be: 1 2 [next line] 3

instead of: 1 3 [next line] 2

Let me know what you think! Cheers, Jop

October 28, 2017



I entirely agree! I almost made a post about this myself, but demurred as I thought it might appear to be a very trivial complaint. However, it really makes a difference in timed practice when the numbers are not at all where one expects to find them. I'm edified that I am not alone in thinking this.



"Lessons Userstyle to get some things of the old look back": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24634938

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I don't like the multiple choice questions, they are too easy and too long if your doing timed practice. I just skim over them looking for odd words. They are appearing increasingly often and I think are dumbing down Duolingo overall.


I completely agree.


I was complaining, too!


Agreed, I don't know what on earth they were thinking. We (at least the vast majority) read left to right, so that's the most intuitive way to do it.

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