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Repeating questions

A lot of the practises would ask the same question more than 3 times. I tried the test for alphabet 2 and it repeated the same 3 words; kiss, seed, and Tokyo. I know Korean is still in beta, but is it repeating cause of a bug or cause those 3 words are just to fill in empty space?

October 28, 2017



I noticed that too, would be nice if someone could fix it :)


Yeah I'm getting that too.


I think it's like you said


I also had this problem, and was wondering if there is anywhere we can give user feedback since it's still in beta? Doing the alphabet lessons had me translate the same Korean word to the english sound 4 times in a row.


I think we just write posts for now. I'm sure the people working on it will fix it. It's just a matter of when


Can confirm, happened to me at least 10 times now.

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