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  5. "Dușmăniile sunt urâte."

"Dușmăniile sunt urâte."

Translation:The enmities are ugly.

October 28, 2017



Enmities is not a commonly used word in British English, a reference to enemies would be more common.


It is certainly an ugly sentence.


Emnity is the state of being enemies I thought. Emnities can be ugly, not sure about the word 'the' at the beginning of the sentence. With it the sentence does not make sense.


I suggest hostility, animosity instead of enmity.
But the article "the" is probably idiomatic Romanian to express general truths about categories. "Apples are wholesome" would be "Merele sunt sănătoase" even when there are no concrete apples around - so the English translation is just too literal here (and in many other examples).


Which no English speaker ever said, ever. I can't even imagine what this is supposed to mean.


First of all I must bow to your omniscience. Knowing what anyone has ever uttered in the English language from the beginning of time must be quite the feat!

Secondly, please allow me to remind you that you are taking a Romanian language course in order to presumably learn Romanian. We Romanians tend to get quite creative with our language ("de la opincă la vladică" = "from peasant to nobleman") and enjoy saying things like this all the time. Having great imagination also plays an important role in this.

Perhaps this is why Romania gave the world several great writers, philosophers and thinkers such as Tristan Tzara, Eugène Ionesco, Mircea Eliade, Emil Cioran, etc.

Thirdly, it means very much what it says: "Enmities are ugly." That is, to hold feelings of mutual hatred, hostility and animosity towards another person for an extended period of time is not the right thing to do (i.e., not the "beautiful thing" to do as per Greek philosophy).


I appreciate your insight, but what Mondori is commenting on is the use of a rare and somewhat archaic word in the English translation that obscures the meaning of the Romanian.


Your insight is refreshing and your English is excellent. You don’t deserve a downvote...have a lingot


Hey I'm trying to learn Romanian not words in my native language ❤❤❤❤❤❤


I try not to translate into English in order to think and understand the phrase precisely. I rather try to understand its meaning as a Romanian would understand it.


Another sentence that makes no sense in English.


had to look up that word, enmity, the upside of not being a native English speaker is you get to learn two languages at the same time.


"Dușmăniile" is not pronounced correctly. I reported it on 7/20/2018.


I believe the word Dușman has Persian roots. In fact, in Russian language, this word was used by Soviets to name a hostile muslim man, or simply, an enemy, during Afghan War. And two main Afghan languages belong to Persian group.


Actually, it is also the Turkish word for enemy. Most likely, we got it from there.


Enmities, 60 years speaking English, never heard the word used


Can the Romanian word be translated to "rivalries"?

I think that would fit the English sentence better becaus enmity is an abstract noun (doesn't really work as a plural)


Another crap suggested translation. Becoming a joke.

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