"Kočky žerou ptáky."

Translation:Cats eat birds.

10/28/2017, 11:24:07 AM



Why isn't "The cats are eating (the) birds" correct?

10/28/2017, 11:24:07 AM

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There is no word for 'the' in the original Czech, and (without further context) it is incorrect to add it in the English translation. Only if the Czech sentence included a demonstrative, such as some form of 'to', would it be correct to use 'the' or 'that' in the English. (That is the principle that this DL course follows, in any case.)

To put the matter another way, the Czech sentence here is not about particular cats and particular birds. Rather it is a general statement about all cats and any birds.

11/1/2017, 11:12:27 AM
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