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  5. "I never eat cold soup!"

"I never eat cold soup!"

Translation:Studenou polévku nikdy nejím!

October 28, 2017



Wouldn't this answer with different word order be acceptable: "Nikdy nejím studenou polévku."


I agree that this should be acceptable.


Could someone please explain why "Nikdy nejím studenou polévku" is an unacceptable translation? Thanks!


Report it. The sentence is correct.


Thanks! It's now been reported.

Is there an EASY way to get back to something that you didn't report the first time? I had to try to figure out which skill(s) it might have been in, then look for a "likely" word in those skills, then redo the apparently-correct part of the apparently-correct skill, then get the exercise wrong again, and finally hit the Report button. Just wondering...


I have no idea, but it would be a nice feature to access sentences quickly. I would even appreciate if you report a sentence and such translation is later rejected, that you get a notification with link to sentence discussion, so you can ask where you've made a mistake. Or if such sentence was suggested before and already rejected, that you get immediate reply and can read or ask in the discussion straight away to find out why. It's probably not something to ask in sentence discussion though, few people read them, but create a more general topic about it. :-)


Excellent ideas!


Nikdy nejím studenou polévku have to be correct as well as


"Nikdy nejím studenou polévku" is and has been an accepted translation. There are a few old reports in the system for this sentence without the necessary diacritics, which is why they were rejected.


I wrote this answer multiple times and it wasn't accepted.


You should use "My answer should have been accepted" to report. As BoneheadBass clearly says, there were indeed reports like that in the system. That is a software bug of Duolingo. you can file a bug with them using the official bug reporting form. You can also try to discuss this in the Troubleshooting forum.

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