"The child has a pig."

Translation:Het kind heeft een varken.

1 year ago



Why is zwijn not allowed? I checked Google and it is included in the list. Besides that, it is similar to German word for pig: "Schwein"

1 year ago

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It's not really wrong, they could be used interchangeably. However in everyday use varken is used for the domestic pig and zwijn for the wild boar. I don't think I ever heard anyone use it differently. BTW how a certain word with the same root is used in German, doesn't say how it's used in Dutch. It usually is a safe guess, but there are many cases where the connotation or the whole meaning is different.



1 year ago

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Duo told me, that "big" is also ok. Is that right? I've made a screenshot

9 months ago


Big is a baby pig

6 months ago
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