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Suggestion: have a "donation" button on Duo

If it can help Duolingo to get a decent voice recognition, better than the present one, I would be ready to donate, and you?

I love Duolingo, but I've been forced to turn the voice recognition off. I know Duo is a free site, and good voice recognition are expensive :-(

So far, the best voice recognition I have ever tried, is from a French firm (now have been bought by Rosetta Stone, I don't know if it's still good) It's Auralog, with their "Tell me more" software.

(I forgot how to post images)


You have a pronounciation-meter, you can see if it goes in the green (very good), orange, or red. This one is from another software, but it's the same idea: http://www.1000languages.com/transparent-language/images/Lat-WordPronun.gif

April 5, 2014
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