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Spam accounts

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So, over the past few weeks, many Memrise users have started noticing a growing number of spam accounts following them. In all cases, the users will have learned just a few words, and their profile will contain nothing but links to Russian dating or porn sites.

The same thing seems to have started happening on Duo, too, if this is anything to go by: [link deleted].

The language used by the Memrise spammers is is exactly the same as the above profile on Duo, and there's a discussion of the issue here: [link deleted].

This isn't a huge problem, as all you get is a notification that someone has started following you. On the other hand, I know that the site owners and mods like to keep Duo as family-friendly as possible, so I thought I'd best bring it to someone's attention.

Cheers, Sean

October 28, 2017



Thanks for posting this. I know that staff are taking steps to prevent spam and inappropriate content in the forums. I'll see what I can do to ensure they're aware of this discussion.


@spdl79, @TRViveLaFrance27 and @ZH_IS_COMING Please delete all those links because somehow you are contributing to promote them and there are a lot of kids over here.


I am editing now. Thanks

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Okeydokey, done - I guess if a mod or site maintenance person wants to remove the profile, they'll have to contact me (I couldn't find a way to flag the profile, just to ignore the user).

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Sent details of the account and Memrise discussions to privacy@duo


At least there is a ban feature on DuoLingo :-)

It definitely is time for a "report button" on user profiles.
The better solution:

Friend contacts shall be TWO WAY negociation, like any serious social media site.
It should be asked first, if user B wants to allow user A to add / follow him.

"Adds/Follows" would be placed in a "pending contacts list" - before the contact (follow) is finally agreed.


My sister and I found this a while ago, reported this to staff, and here's what staff replied:

''Thank you so much for the list.

We will take action against these accounts.

We take abuse very seriously and are grateful for reports from concerned users like you who help us keep our forums safe and fun.

Please let us know if you come across such inappropriate accounts again, by submitting an abuse report.''


Thanks for letting us know this crap has reached sites like Memrise and Duolingo. Hopefully it is controlled sooner than later. I'd really like Duolingo to open the Profile streams again and maybe create a Language learning forum.



Other example for spam accounts:


Only 18+ ? New method of teaching?? and left link ?? and same name 20+ account ??


Toggitang22 and Toggitang reported her a while ago, not sure why she's still there.


Thanks Sean for the input. I'll go a long way to cleaning up the spamming.

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