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English transliteration confusion

Thank you for this interesting course and all your work!

The English renderings often confuse me -- they sound so different from the audio -- usually the vowel, and sometimes also the consonant. This creates a double memory load -- the need to memorize the actual sound of the character, and also the way Duolingo spells it ;|

Also I understand that some Korean characters can be transliterated in several ways (b/p, etc.). In that case the transliteration should be specific -- if the sound is 'b', it should be spelled 'b'.

I will look forward with interest to future developments.

October 28, 2017



There were a number of pronuniation errors in the alphabet section. Many of us have recommended that the alphabet is best learned outside of DL in advance of taking the course. There are a number of sites referenced in several discussions. The romanization is only useful at the outset, to approximate the sounds in the character familiarization process. It is no longer necessary once you get into the course--translation is either from Korean to English or vice versa. I highly reommend not worrying much about romanization, other than to get past the first 3 units, which can be skipped if you learn hangul elsewhere. Keep in mind that the course is still in "Beta", meaning active participation by users to improve it, and seems to be improving daily.


Maybe my post in the other thread Romanizations Are Confusing will help you. Here is the re-post:

The romanisation used in DL is called revised romanisation and is the official latin script transcription made by the south korean language institute.

I agree that this kind of romanisation is very confusing, and maybe only americans will have an advantage, but most ppl of the world are not from that country.

Maybe this video will help you to understand a bit more of how this romanisation works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEEC4a64IBc (you can have a look at part 1 of this series, if you need to redo hangul. This guy's videos helped me a lot.)

kind regards.

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