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"Potřebujeme ještě dvacet pět minut."

Translation:We need another twenty-five minutes.

October 28, 2017



This answer was just accepted for me: "We still need twenty-five minutes."


"a further" is also correct


'an extra' not ok?


I wrote: twenty-five more minutes... it wasn't accepted.


“We need twenty five more minutes.” was just accepted.


Is the main translation really good? I thought that "ještě" means "yet", suggesting the translation: "We still need 25 minutes."

Literally, this has a slightly different meaning from the main translation (although in many situations it could be exchanged): "We need another 25 minutes."

Situation A: The trip takes 60 minutes. 35 minutes have already passed. We still need 25 minutes.

Situation B: We expected to be there after 60 minutes, but there was a traffic jam. After 60 minutes have passed, we realize: We need another 25 minutes.


Yes, it is, ještě is immediately in front of 25 minut, it is most tightly bound there "ještě 25 minut". You can order another beer: "ještě jedno pivo".

As BoneheadBass already wrote, "We still need twenty-five minutes." is accepted.


Thanks, that is helpful and shows that I had not yet properly understood the word "ještě".


"We need more twenty five minutes" was not accepted.


When using "more," that is not the correct word order in English. "We need twenty-five more minutes" is correct and accepted.

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