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Can we get uploading audio for TinyCards?

As you might (not) know, I enjoy promoting the Circassian, Turkic and other languages on TinyCards. However, since these languages' phonologies are quite different from English, it's hard to describe their sounds with English approximations. Because of that, I've had to resort to using IPA for teaching the sounds. (I still do my best to use English approximations, but that does not work at all for Circassian.) While studying using IPA may be a better way to learn the phonology of a language, it wouldn't appeal to the average learner. A way I can improve these decks is by adding audio recordings to each letter in my alphabet decks and each word in my vocabulary decks. By doing this, the learner will be able to learn the sounds by hearing them spoken out loud, and gives learners a model voice to compare their pronunciation of a word in a language. I believe it would help a lot of other deck creators in promoting their language(s). I noticed Chineasy's decks have custom audio - could we get in on some of that action too?

October 28, 2017



If it's too hard to get the audio add a little note so “‘你好我的好朋友’ = ‘Nǐ hǎo wǒ de hǎo péngyǒu’”。Get the the exact pronouciation down even maybe the phonetic spelling.


When it comes to Chinese, I have to include Pinyin, otherwise it would be impractical. As for the others, they have (usually) regular alphabets, so there's no need for a phonetic transcription. That's where the audio comes in: it clarifies how the word should be pronounced.


As I understand it - only TTS is supported for regular users. So the same languages that have TTS in Duolingo.

Chineasy must have some special arrangment.

PS: I have suggested in the past that Tinycards supports IPA as a fact type. Most users would not see the IPA, only the speech synthesis of it. Only if a user indicated that they knew IPA, would they be tested on it visually (like an image fact).


I would actually really dig an IPA deck that teaches all the sounds.


I would love to make one of those. I need audio uploading on TinyCards to do that though.

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