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Need a French Friend!

Hello! I am trying very hard to learn French! I am wanting to visit Canada soon and I really want to be able to speak French so I can make some friends in Canada! I just started so I am obviously not very good yet at all, but I would love to have a friend that could help me learn French! In return I can help teach you English and introduce you to amazing music! Thank you so much!

October 28, 2017



Ayo! Goodmorning! What's poppin?! Je peux t'apprendre le français si tu veux.


I would love to be your buddy, i have been looking for a french friend too!


Oh my goodness it's got to happen!


I can help if you need any I have experience learning french it’s not easy you’re going to have to push yourself but it’s totally worth it I have been doing french 3 years at school and am in french 2 honors it would be fun to have a friend to learn french with. Anyways bonne chance!^_^


Oh my goodness yes please! I need help learning how to pronounce things and making sure I am writing things in the write order and way yanno?! MERCI!!!(-:


Very enthusiastic, indeed!


Bonjour! Je mappele Umaiza. I am so excited you want to learn french! I guess I could help, though I'm not 100% fluent. D'accord? A non? And, not all of Canada speaks french. I live in Canada, and was born there too! Canada is amazing! And so is Francais!


Salut! It's Nice To meet A Fellow Canadian! You Seem To Be Farther Along In French Than I Am.


Salut, Hannah! I Am Bilingual, And Could Help You With Your French. Looking Forward To The Canadian Trip? It's Very Nice Here, I think You'll Find.


Hi! If you want some help you can contact me. I'm French and I am studying English on this website. Maybe can we work together ours French and English skills??

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