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Make course info more visible by putting it above the lessons?

In one course I'm doing, very few chapters have extra info, explaining grammar or something. Which means you start the lessons right away. But sometimes, there is info, and when there are more than eight lessons, the info drops off the screen. I found some course info only after I completed the lessons.

My suggestion would be to put the extra info above the lesson icons, or at least put a pointer at the top of the page, to make sure people find the course info. To me it would make sense to first go through the explaining text, before you dive into the lessons.

October 28, 2017



Hm, I'm not sure ... There are people (like me in French and Spanish) who don't need the explanations because they are basically familiar with the language and use Duolingo just for practicing their skills.

These people would perhaps complain if the stuff that they are interested in wasn't visible right from the start. I can already imagine the thread topic: "In my new skill, there is only text, no lessons!"

Since after a few days of using Duolingo I knew that the tips and notes can be found under the lessons if they are there, I tend to always look at this location in the languages that are new to me.


Good idea, but then people would merely scroll down to the lessons.

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