"young Matěj"

Translation:mladý Matěj

October 28, 2017

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Who knows what a Matěj is?


A male given name, with the same origin as Matthew.


I would suggest changing this sentence to something other than a name. I had no idea what Matěj was either. Maybe the English sentence could be "young boys" or "young girls".


The names have to be introduced somewhere. They will always be new for the first time, no matter if we postpone them by a skill or two.


I was confused by the format of the challenge, I didnt know if i was supposed to type what i was looking at or translate Matéj to english name Mathew. It says "finish the translation" so i translated it but in reality was expected to transcribe the word i was already being given


I don't quite understand the situation you described, but you should never "translate" names. The Czech names, however, are usually accepted in English translations even if you leave out the necessary diacritics.

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