"Ducks can float well on water."

Translation:오리는 물에 잘 떠요.

October 29, 2017



Where did "can" go? It seems this sentence says "Ducks float well on water", unless I'm missing something.

October 29, 2017


Wondering this as well... No modality needed?

December 25, 2017


Cause for plural ducks but only allows for a single duck to be chosen. Also I agree that can is missing and actually says "The duck floats well on water."

November 30, 2017


Isn't "오리는 물 위에 잘 떠요" a more appropriate translation in Korean? Ducks float on water, jellyfish float in water.

January 13, 2018


~에 doesnt specifically imply that something is INSIDE something. It just means that one object is roughly in some place. 바나나는 냉장고에 있어 - a banana is in (inside) the refrigerator. 사진은 벽에 있어 - a picture is on (on the vertical surface of) the wall. 사람은 해수욕장에 있어 - a person is on (on the horizontal surface of) the beach

August 27, 2018


뜨다: float. 뜨다 --> 떠요

August 6, 2018
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