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"The bears are eating the fish."

Translation:Die Bären fressen die Fische.

October 29, 2017



What is the differnce between fisch and fische. Because I put "Die Bären fressen die Fisch" but the question doesn't say that it is fish plural, it says the bears are eating the fish not the fishes. Why does it want Fish = Fische when it should be Fishes = Fische and Fish = Fisch ???


You can make it a single fish, but Fisch is masculine.

The bears eat the (multiple) fish. = Die Bären fressen die Fische.

The bears eat the (single) fish. = Die Bären fressen den Fisch.


I had the same question. I Made the mistake of recalling that fisch was feminine. Those genders will mess me up every time. Like Mark Twain said "Eternity is so the rest of us can learn to speak German".


Joanna54321...thank you for your explanation. I am wondering why we don't put den in the plural accusative?


The plural accusative uses "die". For the masculine singular accusative you need "den".


"I am confusion?"


i understand what you mean,your guestion is a bout english not german,here we have some bears,and some bears eat 2or 3 or much more fish not just one fish,so here we write fische, hope i was able to help you


Theoretisch können zwei Bären auch nur einen Fisch fressen. Mehrere Fische wäre natürlich besser.


"the fish" can be translated to "der Fisch" .... The English sentence can be translated as "The bears eat the fish" meaning "more than one bear is eating one fish"


I agree with you. Rarely see or hear "fishes" when referring to multiple fish.


Whats the difference between isst, esse, Essen, frisst, frissen?


(das) Essen is a noun.

All the others are conjugated verb forms of either essen or fressen:


In general one uses fressen for animals, essen for human beings.


Why fressen instead of essen?


When you are referring to animals, you use "fressen" instead of "essen." This also applies to the singular animal eating, "frisst."

If you use Duolingo on the actual website (not the app), when you click on the lesson, it will show a picture of a lightbulb. Click on the lightbulb and it will explain this better (these lightbulbs are on all the lessons for tips related to each lesson).

I hope this helped a little.


'Die Bären fressen den Fisch' returns an incorrect answer. Unfortunately, you cannot tell from English whether 'fish' is singular or plural, so both 'fressen den Fisch' and 'fressen die Fische' are acceptable without that context. Consider adding a flag to questions like this to indicate whether the translation requires a singular or plural form. DuoLingo is great, and I wouldn't want you demoralizing trainees and undermining their trust in the app! :)


In this English sentence, there is no way to know "the fish", is plurar or singular, the translation to German is valid both, singular or plurar.


The fish can be plural or singular. I wrote 'Die Bären fressen der Fisch' and it was not accepted.


"Der" becomes "den" in the accusative form. "Die Bären fressen DEN Fisch". Can you imagine multiple bears eating one single fish? The English fish is plural in this sentence.


hey, depends on the fish


how am I supposed to know if I should put SINGULAR or PLURAL at the FISH


hey thats my question; -)


the question: The bears are eating the fish.

my answer: Die Bären fressen den Fisch

Another correct solution:(provided by duolingo) Die Bären fressen die Fische.


There is no way to know this is plural of fish!!


The same issue which was already mentioned. In English the fisch is for singular and also for plurals so, why is not excepted?


I speak spanish, somebody could tell me, what does "Fressen" mean?, It's like "Devorar" in spanish?


It is the way you refer to an animal eating. "Essen" is reserved for humans. I don't know Spanish so i cannot comment on the second half of your question.


Woran erkennt man das es Fische sind und nicht nur ein Fisch?


Ok... How can one guess that "the fish" here is on plural?


is Bären an irregular plural noun? because it doesnt seem to follow any of the patterns listed for this lesson. Its singular form is one syllable and masculine. According to the pattern, shouldnt it be Bärer? the same goes with the word "der Mensch" --> "die Menschen" I am very confused


Why is "Die Bären fressen die Fische" the correct translation and "Die Bären die Fische fressen" not correct?


In normal sentences - not in questions or subclauses - the verb must be in the second position. This is the V2 rule.


You cannot tell from the English version if you're supposed to translate fish as sg or pl


How do you know fish is singular or plural?


i dont like how it tells me to mind the accents when im on a computer that doesnt have them and that it does not give me the option anymore to add them when it used to do so. i will not copy and paste on unlouts every time i need to spell Baren.

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