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DE petits berceaux vs. DES petits berceaux

[deactivated user]

    Translation of "a little crib, little cribs" Why is "de" right? Isn't it plural?

    October 29, 2017



    It's the adjective. The "les" of "de + les + noun = des + noun" gets thrown away if you stick a plural adjective before the noun. In that case you just use "de".

    • de petit berceau, de petits berceaux
    • de grand berceau, de grands berceaux
    • etc.

    If the adjective comes after the noun you stick with "des".

    Adjectives do this with body parts as well. Normally you use definite articles (and not possessive articles unless needed to avoid confusion) for body parts.

    • Tu as le nez pointu et les oreilles décollées. ("You have a pointed nose and ears which stick out.")

    If you have adjectives before the noun you need to switch to indifinite articles (of which the plural indefinite is "de".)

    • Ta as un petit nez pointu et de grandes oreilles décollées. ("You have a small pointed nose and big ears which stick out.")


    It depends in which sentence you use it. "J'ai des petits berceaux" is right, but in negative form you always use "de", e. g. "Je n'ai pas de petits berceaux". :)

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