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  5. "The movie is enjoyable."

"The movie is enjoyable."

Translation:영화가 즐거워요.

October 29, 2017



영화가 재밌어요 would be more natural


Both terms are fitting, they simply mean slightly different things.

재미있다/재밌다 - interesting AND/OR fun to do/ fun to watch/ fun to play/ fun to whatever

즐겁다 - happy, funny, positive, upbeat

A horror movie might be 재밌다 but certainly not 즐겁다 (might be nice to watch, but is rather not too funny and colorful).


Yes, but there is no context of the movie with this sentence. So both sentences are equally valid here.


That means "The movie is interesting" Interesting and enjoyable aren't THAT synonymous


It also means fun. Enjoyable = fun


I would argue otherwise. I feel you can have something that is enjoyable but not necessarily "fun".

Both invoke positive emotions, sure, but fun may depict physical engagement - e.g. playing sport, snowboarding, playing video games etc can be fun, however passive activities arent "fun". The movie was enjoyable, but the act of watching it wasn't fun (no physical stimulation), same could be said for a meal and eating it - the meal was enjoyable but the act of eating isnt fun.


We're talking about Korean here not English


This word always reminds me of Twice's Tzuyu. In a show she was in, instead of saying 즐거웠어요 (it was enjoyable), which is what she meant, she said 지겨웠어요 (it was boring). Lols

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