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Why use clubs?

I'd like to hear why people use the club feature on the mobile app. I joined a club with a couple friends, but I honestly found it pretty useless. I guess you can see how active everyone is on their studying, but I could already see that on the desktop site.

Maybe I'm not using the clubs for how it's meant to be used, so please let me know why you like it. Thanks!

October 29, 2017



Two reasons:

  1. In the Android app you get some achievements only when you use clubs ;)

  2. I often just forget to study Spanish. When you are in a club with a couple of friends, you have a reason to keep doing it and, compete for who gets most XP in a week, and, most importantly, they can remember you to keep doing DuoLingo if you keep forgetting to do it.


What are clubs anyways?


This is helpful. What kind of achievements do you get on the Andriod app? Just more XP? I use iOS.


Well in the Android app there is a system in which you get like badges if you do certain things. You do not get XP for it though.


I'm part of an active Swedish club with people I don't know at all, several of which are active Duolingo'ers. Most of the time I ignore it, but it's fun sometimes to try and win first place for the week. It's really only fun on the Android app, as RosieStrawberry mentioned.


Well now you can chat freely in clubs. Obviously it depends on whether the folk in the group want to chat.

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