Delar med sig av

I am reviewing my old Swedish files that include all the stuff I learned in Duolingo. A question popped in my head, and I hope you Swedish experts could help. 1. Can 'delar' itself mean share? Can I say 'Jag delar en mat med dig' as 'I share food with you'? 2. When you use 'delar med sig', is 'sig' referring to the person you are sharing something with? For example, if you want to say 'I am sharing with you', do you say 'Jag delar med dig'? 3. In my note, I memoed it as 'delar med sig av'. What does 'av' do? And does the object that you are sharing come behind 'av'? So for ex, if you want to say 'I share this with you', do you say 'Jag delar med dig av detta'? I have no clue, so I am waiting for your help.

P.s. There was a convention for European universities today so I went all the way to Seoul to visit the Swedish booth. It was very impressive and inspiring at the same time, but I want to ask. Does it seem very dumb and reckless and wasteful to you that I want to go to a university in Sweden even though I do not know what I want to study? I mean, I kinda have some clues, which are still pretty vague. And there might be another school that better suits me yet I am studying Swedish and going to such seminars. I got this thought while talking to a student in Uppsala. I asked her if she was originally planning on going to Sweden. She said no, and that she decided to go there in college in Korea. And all the others were same. They chose to go to Sweden since it best suited their major and their interest. AND YET I JUST LOVE SWEDEN. I just want to study in Sweden cause I fricking love that place, and the culture. But I'm scared that I might be daydreaming so ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ hard.....What do you guys think?

p.p.s Sorry if it was a bit wobbly wibbly. I am currently on a bus... going home from Seoul

October 29, 2017


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