"Is there life after death?"

Translation:Y a-t-il une vie après la mort ?

October 29, 2017

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Could someone explain why I can't use the definite article for both life and death? I wrote Y-a-t-il la vie après la mort. Thanks.

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    Il y a is followed by either an indefinite article (un, une, des), or a number, but not a definite article.


    I'd like to know that too, I also used the definite article, (la vie), and would like an explanation as to why it's wrong.


    I don't know a specific rule... But I know that you can add an article into the English sentence and have it make sense, but that article would have to be "a" and not "the." If I said "Is there the life after death?" it doesn't make sense... But "Is there a life after death?" does


    Mais tu ne peux pas mourir Duo..


    Hmmm...UNE vie, pas LA vie.


    Would also like to know why "une" and not "la"


    J'en veux savoir aussi ! Pourquoi pas La Vie ??? Est-ce qu'elle est en vacance, la belle Sitesurf ?


    it is simple! maybe to me it is easier because in my language the logique is the same... try to think this way: i an asking is there any life (i know nothing of) afer The Death (i know is inevitable). Literally translated from my language it would be - is there a life after the death. so in french it is the same :)

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