"Tady tvé ovce nejsou."

Translation:Your sheep are not here.

October 29, 2017

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English does not use sheeps (with some rare exceptions).


I didn´t know that. Thank you ;)


What are the exceptions, is sheeps a word?


As a native English speaker, I can't think of a time when you would use sheeps. I would certainly never use it as the plural for sheep. Sheep is used for both singular and plural.


Various types of sheeps. Various kinds of fishes. Shops with tees and coffees. ...

But don't use me as an authority, almost every use of sheeos google shows looks rather a grammar mistake rather than concious use in this way, so I am not even sure. Fishes appears more common. Maybe because there are so many kinds of fish.


Why 'tvoje' is wrong? Thanks


It's not wrong. You can use it in the reverse exercise (where you translate from English to Czech).

And if you are doing a listening exercise, you must type exactly when you hear, even though other words are correct as well.


Why would not be acceptable "here there are not your sheep"


It does not sound like correct English.


why is wrong "here is not your sheep"?


Strange word order and you also need plural.


This is not the word order used in English. It has to be "Your sheep are not here". You can also say "These sheep here are not yours", but that would be a different sentence. I'll try in Czech "Ty ovce tady nejsou tvoje",(?) I am not sure if this is correct.


tady nejsou tvé ovce tady tvé ovce nejsou are both correct?


yes, but "Tady nejsou tvé ovce." is better when you tell what is not here, not when you are telling that the sheep he is looking for are not here.

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