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What is the highest percentage you achieved in German fluency?

Just out of curiosity...when my tree was all gold the percentage was like 53-54. After that i did not practice for a year. Now i am redoing the tree, it is half gold and i have 61% now.

October 29, 2017



The highest I have seen with other students: 68%
In my own German tree: 63%


Thanks for the answer. What do you think is the best option to improve German besides/after Duolingo? I still have problems with the grammar. I watch EasyGerman channel on Youtube that's very useful for the listening comprehension. I also use Memrise to improve my vocabulary however i am not very satisfied with it. Unfortunately i have no chance to speak to natives at the moment.


The fluency meter is broken, useless, and highly wrong. Even if you DID get 100%, you still would be a beginner.Just ignore it.


I have 61%, finished the tree recently


My highest is 55%.


I have 62%, but I've heard people say they reached up to 67%


I am at 67% now but they seem to adjust the algorithm up and down at different times. My fluency jumped up by 5% just a few weeks ago without any real change in my proficiency. I am stronger in Italian than German but my Italian fluency level is always lower and is currently at 60%. As many others have said in these forums already...the fluency percentages are arbitrary and are not really reflective of your true language competency.


I find the same about the (lack of) accuracy of the fluency %. My Spanish skills are much stronger than German by virtue of having started learning it in school and continued intermittant practice of it in conversation over decades before I even began German. Yet my current fluency scores are 62% German 54% Spanish. As a result, I don't pay much attention to it.

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