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What is the highest percentage you achieved in German fluency?

Just out of curiosity...when my tree was all gold the percentage was like 53-54. After that i did not practice for a year. Now i am redoing the tree, it is half gold and i have 61% now.

October 29, 2017



The highest I have seen with other students: 68%
In my own German tree: 63%


Thanks for the answer. What do you think is the best option to improve German besides/after Duolingo? I still have problems with the grammar. I watch EasyGerman channel on Youtube that's very useful for the listening comprehension. I also use Memrise to improve my vocabulary however i am not very satisfied with it. Unfortunately i have no chance to speak to natives at the moment.


What do you think is the best option to improve German besides/after Duolingo?

You are already doing, what I normally recommand. Here is the link to one of my comments for German https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24360526

I still have problems with the grammar
I also use Memrise to improve my vocabulary however i am not very satisfied with it.

Me too ! The only thing that helps me is "reading and writing about subjects which have my interest".
Personally, I cannot learn a language in Memrise, Tinycards etc. For me, Duolingo was the first time in my life, that I like to learn languages.

  • You are already learning the "reverse" tree "English for German speakers".
    . Read every day the German discussion forums and try to write short comments. The native German Duolingo students are very helpful in discovering your grammar mistakes and correcting them.
    . try to translate short English texts to German in http://translatihan.com/

  • If you have finished the Spanish tree and the reverse tree "English for Spanish speakers", you can start my most beloved learning method "laddering".
    . Spanish for German speakers
    . German for Spanish speakers

Unfortunately i have no chance to speak to natives at the moment.

Have a look at Knud van Eeden's "Can you give some links about German?"
There you can find several sites for talking to native speakers. I have never done it. Because I focus on learning English and improving my English during my holidays in England.


Thank you for the useful thoughts, my Spanish is on hold now and German project has the priority, and also i have to improve my Czech where i live at the moment. But laddering sounds efficient, indeed!


The fluency meter is broken, useless, and highly wrong. Even if you DID get 100%, you still would be a beginner.Just ignore it.


I have 61%, finished the tree recently


My highest is 55%.


I have 62%, but I've heard people say they reached up to 67%


I am at 67% now but they seem to adjust the algorithm up and down at different times. My fluency jumped up by 5% just a few weeks ago without any real change in my proficiency. I am stronger in Italian than German but my Italian fluency level is always lower and is currently at 60%. As many others have said in these forums already...the fluency percentages are arbitrary and are not really reflective of your true language competency.


I find the same about the (lack of) accuracy of the fluency %. My Spanish skills are much stronger than German by virtue of having started learning it in school and continued intermittant practice of it in conversation over decades before I even began German. Yet my current fluency scores are 62% German 54% Spanish. As a result, I don't pay much attention to it.


I have 43% and besides duolingo I use memrize, learn german with ania and learn german with jenny on you tube. I think the conversation is the most important part of learning a new language!


Indeed, if you want to have a conversational level of any language you have to practice it! There are methods which only concentrate on conversation from the very beginning but i have never tried them yet.


I also have 67 %. ...Although my first language is German, I do not achieve 68 %. :(

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