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Groundhog day

I am following the German and Spanish courses through English. I have come to a point in both where I am unable to move forward and am forced to repeat lessons ad infinitum. I thought at first I would only have to repeat once or twice but now even if I repeat the last lessons presented twenty times the system remains stuck. I am hoping some admin people will see this and that it will be fixed.

Thank you.


October 29, 2017



You never have to repeat!
Strengthen only those skills you really want to do.

This is my favourite method

Link to some background information about word and skill decay


I think the user wanted to keep the streak, but couldn't do new lessons so had to re-practice/strengthen the old ones.


The skill don't become gold, despite you practiced them a lot? In that case, just ignore the goldness, and more to new skills.

Or does the system really block you from doing new lessons? (The "health" system, I don't have that.)


This. Isn't. School. You don't need to keep things gold.


Strangely, I did "Present 2", lesson 1 of 7 twice, and it did not flip colors. I am beginning to think that they won't change colors until the entire set is finished? I did get credit for the day. Good post....allow me to reward you with a Lingot.


What happens when you click on the "Clothing" skill in the Spanish course?

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