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  5. "A day has twenty-four hours."

"A day has twenty-four hours."

Translation:Ein Tag hat vierundzwanzig Stunden.

October 29, 2017



Is there some kind of rule as to when to use "uhr" vs. "stunden"?


Uhr means "clock" and can be used to mean "o'clock" as well as a shortened version of Armbanduhr ("wristwatch"). Stunde means "hour".

Jetzt ist es vier Uhr = "Now it is four o'clock"
Gefällt dir meine neue Uhr? = "Do you like my new watch?"
Die Fahrt dauert drei Stunden = "The trip takes three hours"
Die Bahn kommt in einer halben Stunde = "The train comes in half an hour"

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