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  5. "Wir essen seinen Käse."

"Wir essen seinen Käse."

Translation:We are eating his cheese.

October 29, 2017



a great offense


well that's a cheesy one


i have, more than once, mistaken this for “katze” without reading it properly and been very concerned with the suggestion and then very concerned with myself after realising i was wrong :/


why seineN and not sein? since 'Cheese' is masculine in German


Exactly. Since it is masculine, the accusative case adds an „-en“ to the possessive adjective.


Wir trinken sein bier Wir essen seinen käse Whats the matter with the second sentence' verb which makes the accusative pronoun appear like this


    It's nothing to do with the verb - it's to do with the gender of the noun.

    Bier - neuter noun
    Käse - masculine noun

    The possessive determiners (sein, ihr, mein, dein, euer, Ihr, unser) need endings like the indefinite article (ein, eine, etc.) does.

    In those sentences, the verb is totally normal and needs the object to be in accusative case. The indefinite article in accusative case for a neuter noun is ein, so the possessive determiner needs to be sein. For masculine nouns it's einen so we need seinen.


    Das ist eine lustige Saetze.

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