"You either stay or you go"

Translation:Ama utakaa au utaenda

October 29, 2017



"Aidha utabaki au utaondoka" would be a more common translation

"Ama utabaki ama utaondoka" is also technically correct, although fewer people speak like this

"Kubaki" means 'to stay', as in the opposite of 'to leave'. In some contexts, 'to remain'.

"Kuondoka" means 'to leave'. In harsher language, 'to go away'.

"Kwenda" (derived from ku-enda; -end- being the root of the verb) means 'to go'.

EDIT: I almost forgot to comment about the word 'aidha'. It's basically the word 'either' borrowed from English. 'aidha...au' is more widely used nowadays than 'ama...ama' to indicate an 'either...or' situation.

EDIT2: I suppose "aidha utabaki au utaenda" could also be correct, given that the original sentence specifically said 'you go' but I usually weigh more on translating the context rather than a word-by-word approach. Though I see in this case using the verb 'kwenda' would also be correct.

November 3, 2017


Could it also be "wewe ama kaa au nenda"

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