"un hectolitru, doi hectolitri"

Translation:one hectoliter, two hectoliters

October 29, 2017

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Are these units in common usage in Romania(n)? These topics have many seemingly obscure words, at least from English

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No, but they are taught in highschool, and I assume most of the contributors are young people. We do use hectares to measure land areas, 'un hectar - două hectare'.


We use hectolitres in The Netherlands, especially for quantities of milk, beer, wine etc.


The final “i” of “hectolitri” in the audio sounds as clear as if it were “hectolitrii” (definite article). Is this a special phonetic situation? Maybe because of the consonant cluster “tr” at the end of the word?

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Yes, this is a special case, because the singular ends in 'u' (litru). The final 'i' is fully pronounced, like English 'ee'.

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