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  5. "Come quickly!"

"Come quickly!"

Translation:빨리 오십시오!

October 29, 2017



Talking to friends: 빨리 와(요)

These sentences in this portion of the course are hardly used in everyday conversation like that.


I believe that it is better to start with the most formal speech in order to avoid misunderstandings/getting in trouble when arriving in Korea due to not adressing someone as formally as you should. After learning the most formal way, you go on to learning the "easier ones".


오시다 ends with a vowel (이), and the Tips and Notes indicate that the imperative should therefore take ~십시오. Surely it should be?

빨리 오시십시오

Is the 시 + 십 somehow contracted?


Yes, when you are doing anything with the verb stem, you just start from 오-. If you would normally use high formal speech (something like 오셨어요 vs 왔어요), you add the more formal command "~십시오". If you would normally use low formal speech, you should add ~세요.

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