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Feature request - a small 'Strengthen skills' or 'Practice' button on the top bar, or somewhere acce

Hi Duolingo team and everyone,

I have a feature suggestion for the website. If a small 'Strengthen skills' or 'Practice' button could be placed in the top bar or near the ad, like the practice button in the mobile site, it would be really convenient for web users. When I scroll down in the tree (the Spanish to English tree has 47 rows) to check which skills are not golden, I have to go back the the top, and then scroll down a little to find the strengthen skills button. If the top bar feels too cluttered, a small button can be placed near the ad which remains to the right of the screen even when we scroll down. The button can possibly move down with the ad, and wouldn't look too busy. Or another convenient place can be suggested.

I would really like this change to happen, because it's very inconvenient for the web users to go to the top and find the Strengthen skills button every time.

Thank you, Dhawal Vaghela

October 29, 2017


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