"Să încep acum sau mâine?"

Translation:Shall I start now or tomorrow?

October 29, 2017

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Now this translation above is fine, but the one that appears "to begin now or tomorrow" is straight out of the mouth of William Shakespeare! Surely my translation "Do I begin now or tomorrow" is also a good translation?


Not really. I'd say the only two translations that should be accepted here are:

  • Shall I start now or tomorrow?
  • Should I start now or tomorrow?


Hi. If you're still around, in that case how would we say "Do I start now?" ? Thanks.


You simply leave out the :

  • Do I start now? = Încep acum?


Thanks. It's rather obvious now I see it. :)


I think that the Romanian use of subjunctive is close to the German sollen in this case (what I'm supposed to do or what should I do).

I mean this sentence translated into German (I'm not a German speaker so please correct me if I'm wrong) could be: Soll ich jetzt oder morgen anfangen?


yeah that's what I figured out by now. But subjunct seems to be used in many more cases. This is just one. And it seems to be used when you would use zu + infinitive in German. Like in soll ich anfangen zu schreiben. Should I start to write.


I'd agree the "Do I..." while not entirely gramaticaly correct, is colloquial.


In fact, "Do I start now?" is perfectly correct gramatically. Nor would I say that it's particularly colloquial. But it has a slighty different meaning from "Shall I".
"Do I start now?" = Is it a fact that I start now?
"Shall I start now?" = Do you want me to start now?


If we use "should", wouldn't this translation be: "Ar trebui să încep acum sau mâine?"


Where is the "Shall I" coming from?Isn't Sã încep =to start? Since it is a question I wrote: does it start now or tomorrow

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