" încep acum sau mâine?"

Translation:Shall I start now or tomorrow?

October 29, 2017



Now this translation above is fine, but the one that appears "to begin now or tomorrow" is straight out of the mouth of William Shakespeare! Surely my translation "Do I begin now or tomorrow" is also a good translation?

October 29, 2017


Not really. I'd say the only two translations that should be accepted here are:

  • Shall I start now or tomorrow?
  • Should I start now or tomorrow?
October 30, 2017


I'd agree the "Do I..." while not entirely gramaticaly correct, is colloquial.

September 5, 2018


I think that the Romanian use of subjunctive is close to the German sollen in this case (what I'm supposed to do or what should I do).

I mean this sentence translated into German (I'm not a German speaker so please correct me if I'm wrong) could be: Soll ich jetzt oder morgen anfangen?

November 3, 2018


If we use "should", wouldn't this translation be: "Ar trebui să încep acum sau mâine?"

March 10, 2019
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