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Chit-chat around Week 43's WIU

Hi folks, for anyone interested in discussing this week's WIU, feel free to use the comment section below.

Disclaimer: Unlike many moderators, I'm not a course contributor. So, I largely lack information about how the Incubator works. I don't have insider information either. And, staff is tightening restrictions on giving information that isn't already out to the public. So, I'm not sure what all contributors are allowed to say about their courses now either.

Week 42's WIU's discussion

*Not really chit-chat ;)

October 29, 2017



Nice job, Hindi! Glad to see Esperanto for Portuguese and Russian from Turkish chugging along. Thanks to all the contributors for your hard work this week!

Usagi, will you make an index, also? I feel like that would be helpful. Thanks!


I agree! Hindi is really making progress! Yay!


Thanks Usagi! Jrikhal should link this post in the WIU.

Good to see that SV from RU has made progress and is 50% done!


Jrikhal knows this exists. It's up to him if he wants to take the time to link it each week. As for me creating an index of these discussions, that takes more time. I prefer if someone else takes over this project and let them build the index. I've really just created a temporary holdover until then.

Edit: Honestly, without the contributors releasing extra information outside of the updates they give in the Incubator, which are published in the WIU, I don't think this extensional discussion will last very long. The contributors are giving the amount of information they are willing to give in their Incubator pages. So, I'm not sure how much conversation people will have outside of saying things like "when will x course be finished", "great", "good to see XXXX". These are the types of comments that were piling up in the WIU discussions before those were locked each week. To those questions, other contributors would likely say "I don't know" and "The release dates are unreliable because of technical delays and xyz", and "thanks".


@Usagi Still, though. I feel like the "congratulations to XXX" are important, if only for the contributors to feel motivated. And there's at least one good question every week that I feel would not be made without this. For example, I appreciate Lizsue's question on the courses after Klingon and Chinese. I hadn't noticed that before.

Edit: Right, I get that. My point is just that I hope that these don't get deleted because I find them helpful.


It is why I've posted these. ^_^


Japanese for English speakers and Chinese for English speakers seem to have had a long "Phase 0" before showing up in the incubator with a lot of contributors who work for a living for Duolingo.

After these and Korean for English speakers all reach Phase 3, which one's next for being done this way?

I'm guessing Chinese for French speakers and Chinese for Spanish speakers, given that there's already a Spanish for Chinese speakers course in Phase 2 and a French for Chinese speakers course in Phase 1. :)


Oh true, good point. I was holding out hope for Thai or Arabic.


After Klingon for English speakers gets released, and then after a while with no course releases (except maybe Chinese for English speakers) does anyone expect the next few to come out at the same time?

Indonesian for English speakers, Russian for Turkish speakers, and English for Bengali speakers seem pretty close together in progress.


Hard to say. Only Russian for Turkish speakers is self-reporting progress, so the other two could in reality be very different. There's also no guarantee they'll move at similar speeds..

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