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The difference between bad and spurgte.

How do you know when to use bad or spurgte? What is the difference between the two?

October 29, 2017



"jeg spurgte om vej" I asked for directions. You can not say "jeg bad om vej" because then you are asking for more road! In English there is one word: ask = ask, In danish spurgte is for asking a question, and bad is for making a request


"Spurgte" is asked "Bad" i more commonly used to ask something of someone

Examples: Jeg spurgte om han var glad (I asked if he was happy) Jeg bad om hans hjælp (I asked for his help)


'At bede [om]' - to ask something of someone

'At spørge' - to ask a question.

Note that 'at bede' is also means 'to pray'

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