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  5. "Lass mich allein!"

"Lass mich allein!"

Translation:Leave me alone!

April 5, 2014



Lass Brittany allein!!!!

October 7, 2016


I thought when talking to one person informally, the stem of the "du" verb is used. Am I wrong? The du conjugation has an umlaut. Is the rule that you use the "ich" form of the verb? I'm confused.

August 25, 2016


What you said is true in the present tense, but this is imperative. The informal singular imperative form of "lassen" is "lass" or "lasse" (interchangeably I believe), and the pronoun "du" isn't used, unlike the formal imperative where "Sie" is used.

Check out the Imperativ section here for more information: http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-german-verb-lassen.html

August 26, 2016


Is this any different than "Lass mich in ruhig"?

November 12, 2017


Lass mich in ruhig makes no sense.

You're probably thinking of Lass mich in Ruhe, which is something like "don't bother me" -- it doesn't necessarily mean "leave the room; I want to be the only person here" but just "I don't want anyone bothering me or intruding on my attention".

So it means "leave me alone" in the sense of "stop pestering me" but not in the sense of "cause me to be alone in this area".

November 13, 2017


Is everything alright, Duo?

October 28, 2019
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