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"She would make a good girlfriend."

Translation:Ella sería una buena novia.

March 14, 2013



I wonder if "be" a good girlfriend would be better than "make"


Would be a good girlfriend = "Sería una buena novia" Would make a good a girlfriend = "Haría una buena novia."


I think the "una" is overdoing it here, although it's not really an error. I would say just "Ella seria buena novia" (sorry missing accent). I hope they accept "amiga" as well as "novia", too.


It would be understandable without the article, but it is needed grammatically. You would not say "she would make good girlfriend".

"Amiga" and "novia" are very different things. When a man refers to his girlfriend as "amiga" he is either married to someone else or is saying that he doesn't expect the relationship to lead anywhere (friends with bebefits).

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Duo now accepts "Ella haría una buena novia" (Oct 2013), which IMO is the better translation. What is used more often in Spanish? "sería" or "haría"?


well, from my experience I can say that is better say 'sería' than 'haría', because it's indicating that a social role probably is going to be. (Ella sería una buena novia). Obviously, social roles can be made, but being (sería) is more often used (al least in my country). Sorry for my english, i'm not a native english speaker.

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Thanks, Jjpose12


As a practical matter, it's about usage and may vary by region. As far as the translation is concerned: "haría" = would make, "sería" = would be.


Why is 'buena novia' correct but not 'novia buena'?


The inference of "novia buena" would be that she is well-behaved. I can't explain why, but that's how it works. A truly good friend is "un buen amigo."


Using "haria" might infer that "she" could be a robotics expert designing a companion.

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