October 29, 2017


yes it is very fun

to follow someone you click on the green button under a their profile picture, where it says "Follow".

Following doesn't do much, it only adds your name to their list of followers, plus it adds their name to your XP list, so you can see how many xp (experience points) you and they are earning today / this week / total.

to follow someone, you just look at what Camila said. But, what you should be asking is, 'Why do you follow'

Yeah it might get a little boring but I Don't think it will get super boring

I think its still fun even after almost completing German

It's not bad. I would give it a 7/10

yes it is fun! I started 793 days ago . . .

Yes I see that you like batman. What is the reason you started and think it is fun?

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