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the microphone

after you click into using the microphone and then yours suddenly stops working correctly where is the option to eliminate it

October 29, 2017



in settings. just click the acount settings and you should see the microphone option.


i did that but it continues with the microphone prompts during a session taking all of the pleasure out of the DUO LINGO experience because if you can't use the microphone and it appears that the more you try not to use it the more it insists and becomes more frequent


IKR the pleasure of duolingo is suckd out. agreed 100%


I just click "skip" whenever it pops up. I feel weird talking to my computer.


Yeah, but you lose points


I haven't attached a microphone. Whenever a questions with the mic comes, I have to skip it and I lose credit. It's not fair! Can't they make it like the app, where you can turn off the mic questions for an hour? That fits me more legitimately.

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